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Video editor that provides easy creation of simple movies and slideshows
Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, content on www. No special skills required.

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Rich web content

Complete the articles with a simple video. Attract the user for longer. Increase visit length statistics.

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Ads and promotions

Promote your products using eye-catching assets.

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Social media

Add value to your social media channels.

Video and slideshows editor for social media and content marketing

The PandaEditor tool is a simple video and slideshows editing for social media and content marketing. This tool is perfect for supporting the daily work of people running social media channels or websites.

You can start creating the video by adding a project name and basic settings - such as subtitle colors or background music. Then you proceed to add video frames - slides. You can create movies or slideshows from your photos or movies, or use a huge database of ready-made images and videos.

After adding content, just generate a movie and after a while enjoy the material in excellent quality, in mp4 format, ready to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or in the article content on the website.

Check today how the movie and slideshows editor for social media can improve your work.

Panda editor - create your social media slideshows